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Please use this page for important information on helping the hedgehog
you have found and finding another rescue in the area.

Hedgehog are complex little animals

Hedgehogs are extremely complex little animals. If a hedgehog is out in the day, it is likely to be very unwell - even if it is walking and seeming to be ok. They are a prey species so will always mask any illness to the best of their ability. Remember that eating and walking isn't an indication of good welfare - it is survival.

Please do not try and care for the hedgehog yourself. As mentioned, their are extremely complicated little mammals which need expert knowledge and care to give them the very best chance.

Many of the necessary treatments are veterinary prescribed and so it is best to get the hedgehog to an experienced rescue or veterinary practice to give them the very best chance! 

Keeping the hedgehog safe

while you find a rescue!


Hedgehogs (even sick ones) are great climbers so please place the hedgehog in a large high sided box.

Heat and comfort

Please keep the hedgehog warm by using a covered heat pad, or hot water bottle wrapped ina towel.

Feed / Water

Please only provide water until you have spoken with us or another rescue.


Hedgehogs have very sensitive hearing and will be scared so please keep the hedgehog as quite as possible. No loud noises or handling please.


Finding a rescue or vets

Here are a few rescues you can try if we are full, more can be found at
(see next section below).

Screenshot 2023-12-06 132141.png


This is a great website which allows you to search for other hedgehog/wildlife rescues in the area. You can search under Rescues, Small Rescues or Heroes.

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