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Donate to Our Work

Help Make Happy Hedgehogs!
Without the help of our supporters we simply cannot run the rescue.
Any donation you make to Deanshanger Hedgehog Rescue goes directly to helping us care
for and protect Britain's native hedgehogs.

We are currently fundraising for another large ICU!

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Help heat a hog!

Help a hedgehog with a one-off donation

Please enter amount without the pound (£) sign

Sponsor a hedgehog bay / ICU Unit

Or visit our 

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How donations help!

Donations will help to provide essential care for hedgehogs at the rescue!
Here's just some of the areas that your donation will help with:

  • Feeding and rehydration

  • Housing and enrichment 

  • Medications and veterinary care

  • ICU units providing essential heat in a controlled environment

  • Emergency fluids

  • General running costs.

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