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Dominic & Rachel Matthews


We started Deanshanger Hedgehog Rescue in the summer of 2021 after years of observing hedgehogs in our village and garden, and the realisation that there was no rescue facility in the local area.

Having started in our shed. It became clear very quickly that demand was high in this area and so we soon had to come up with another plan.....we developed a room in our home into a critical care area, with the shed now being used for rehabilitation!

We both have degrees in Animal Science and animal welfare backgrounds and have completed the Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation First Aid, Care & Rehabilitation Course.

In our first 5 months of opening, we received 51 hedgehogs. 

Our aim for 2022 is to open a new bespoke unit which will help us to provide these little prickly creatures with the care they need and deserve.


We have a small but dedicated team of volunteers who are an integral part of the care we provide. Our volunteers help with the day to day tasks such as cleaning, feeding and weighing.

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