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Adopt a Hedgehog

At Deanshanger Hedgehog Rescue we take in many hedgehogs over the year! "We never see hedgehogs anymore" is one of the phrases we hear a lot and it's not surprising as these special mammals are still on the Mammals Society Red List as Vulnerable to extinction. That's why every hedgehog we get in is cared for with the goal of releasing healthy hedgehogs back into the wild.

By adopting a hedgehog for just £35.00 per year, you help us care for the many sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs we see throughout the year.


What's in your adoption pack?

  • Personalised certificate of adoption

  • Mini hedgehog (colours may vary)

  • Keyring

  • The Hedgehog Book

  • Rescue number fridge magnet

  • Hedgehog leaflet

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