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Registered Charity: 1204413

Help! I've found a poorly hedgehog!   Call us 07943 174349

What we do

Our facilities allow us to provide vital first aid, treatment and rehabilitation to hedgehogs that have been found unwell, abandoned or injured. ​ 

Working with the support of two local veterinary surgeries, we provide on-going care and rehabilitation to admitted hedgehogs into our care with the hope of being able to release healthy hedgehogs back in the wild.

first aid      -       rehabilitation      -      release


Does a hedgehog need help?

A hedgehog may need help if appears:

Out in the day


Sunbathing (hedgehogs don’t sunbathe)

Allowing flies to settle on it


Limping or circling


If you discover a Sow (female hedgehog) with hoglets, please do not disturb them and call us straight away.

If you’re unsure, please drop us a message or give us a call!

Bringing a hedgehog to us

  • Please carefully place the hedgehog in a high sided cardboard box (they’re good climbers!) 

  • Include a covered hot water bottle or heat pad then also cover the hedgehog with a light coloured towel - yes even in the summer as a sick or stressed hedgehog will suffer from hypothermia so it’s important to keep them warm. 

  • Please do NOT offer any feed, only water, as the energy required to digest the feed can often cause them to deteriorate further.

  • Contact us to arrange arrival!

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